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Our Story

I am Kelly James, the founder of SE1 Osteo, formerly KJ Therapies. I started in the wellness industry after working at an office in a department in the civil service for seven years. After losing weight and getting fit, I started attending a friend's exercise class, and I loved how it made me feel. I slept better, had more energy, and improved my mood, to mention a few. I wanted to educate other people and for them to feel how I did. I completed various courses to teach exercise classes such as Spinning, Bootcamp, Step, Body pump, Yoga and Pilates and completed a gym instructor and personal training qualification. Whilst training my clients, I became interested in the rehab side of training and completed a rehab trainer course, which gave me good results with my clients.  

Kelly James SEI Osteo & Rehab

Following an injury to my knee, I visited an osteopath; after this visit, I became interested in how the osteopath not only looked at my knee but the whole body and also enquired about previous injuries, medical history, lifestyle, occupation, and how this impacted on my injury and recovery. With a couple of treatments and advice from the osteopath to reduce the reoccurrence of the injury, I soon recovered. The experience ignited my interest in the profession, so I completed my (very long!) Osteopathic studies. During this time, I started KJ Therapies, using a combination of personal training, rehab training and massage therapy to help my client's fitness and wellness and keep them injury free. Following graduation, I set up clinics in gyms in the se1 area, where I built my patient list. Needing the extra space in 2019, KJ Therapies expanded, opening with a friend at the Health and Beauty Clinic. I managed the Health side, offering Osteopathy, massage and reflexology and adding more therapists to KJ Therapies to meet the demand in patients.

Fast forward to 2022, I wanted to offer more to patients needing help, encompassing all the wellness areas that have helped me. I wanted to provide hands-on treatment by osteopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapy, and exercise prescriptions, all under one roof to help the patient recover. To educate them on how to manage their symptoms without having to visit week on week. Thus, making them feel like I had when I took control of my health. At the SE1 Osteo and Rehab Clinic, we focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We understand that no two people or injuries are the same, so we create a custom-made recovery and rehabilitation plan for each patient. No matter what you need, we are here to help you every step of the way.

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